50th Reunion (2014)
To capture the Class of '64 in all of our splendor and glory, Don Fenbert, ably assisted by his wife, Valerie, took the "official group class photo" below. We have posted it two ways: one photo with name captions below the pic and the other photo with name captions included in the pic.  To enlarge either photo for better viewing and to copy or download it, simply left click the image.
Names At Graduation
Floor/First Row: Don Fenbert, Don McNeil, Ralph D'Alessandro, Frank Eberling, Phyllis Prentice, Nancy Robinson, Steve Gartrell, Bonnie Gerken 
2nd Row (Seated): Suzanne Coletta, Eric Gushen Gethers, Betty Basnight, Ed Gleason, Karen Scholl, Angela Sigillito, Barbara Fishberg, Linda Goddard, Carol Duggan, Frank Hochreiter, Jim Damiani, Rhona Steckler, Shelly Epstein, Ellen Pulis
3rd Row (Standing): Dave Fuchs, Barbara Farsetta, Ellen Mokover, Bob Haar, Kate Kelemen, Eileen Zuckerman, Gene Schmidt, Robyn Krieger, Judy Eisenberg, Eileen Meeker, Jerry Cole, Carol Pederson 
4th Row (Standing): Wendy Siefried, Julie Marshall, Jim Farsetta, Mary-Ann Vassallo, Joan Drexel, Rita Naclerio, Pat Wissig, Stu Brown, Remy DeVarenne, Diane Henderson, Eric Lorenzo, Steve Rodewald, Andrea Del Regno, Frank Erichsen
Back Row (Standing): Susan Butler, Carolyn Duzy, Bob Wager, Newt Powell, Dave Forsberg, Arlene Freiermuth, John Reimer, Ed Itkin, Joan Stolarz, Bill Beutel, Bob Lawson, Dick Harniman, Dennis Erdman
Attended Friday night only: Linda Scott, Lorraine Colby and Diane McGrath