Have a favorite memory about yourself, a classmate or about Clarkstown during our grade school years, or some cool elementary school class photos you would like to share (we're still looking for Bardonia, the second class at Congers, Rockland Lake and Chestnut Grove, any others)?  If so, please send us an e-mail at and we'll post them to this page.  If not but you would like to view photos from the grade schools that fed CCHS, simply scroll down the page and enjoy.  By the way, if we have anyone's name assigned to a photo incorrectly or mispelled, or we couldn't identify someone in a photo, please remember, we're old and decrepit, so just let us know, and assuming we don't forget due to misfiring brain cells, we'll make the changes as soon as possible!!!

Our Grade School Years: The Beginning Of The Beginning
The good old days...when crew cuts and ponytails ruled, when we collected "razor-blade free" candy at Halloween, when our birthday was the biggest event of the year, and when our whole lives lay before us. We counted the days until summer vacation when we could go swimming at the lake, play "hide-and-seek", catch lightening bugs and try to "pin the tail on the donkey" while blindfolded at neighborhood parties.  
But perhaps our most important activity of all was the formation of friendships with classmates that would endure a lifetime. These were wondrous days of innocence, the beginning of our path to adulthood when our whole lives lay before us. We hope you, too, recall these times with similarly positive reflections.
Grade School Photo Memories
Now enjoy photos from the various grade schools where our paths to the glories of Clarkstown High School began. Posted below, from the historical archives of several CCHS '64 alums, are photos of many of your classmates in all their innocent glory.  Previously we posted the New City and West Nyack grade school photos (still posted, just further down the page) and now you can also enjoy photos from Street School and from one class at Congers (as mentioned above, we're still looking for photos from the second class at Congers).  How many of the folks in the pix do you remember?  

Click any photo below to enlarge. And as mentioned above, if any of the names are incorrect or misspelled and/or you recognize folks we did not, please let us know at

Street School


New City

West Nyack

And, as a "Lucky Strike Extra", below is a photo from Frank Eberling's
personal archive of Joe Rich's 12th(?) birthday party, a.k.a.,
"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (well, sort of).