In case you have missed previous reunions over the years, below are memories of the fun, friendships and good times from those celebrations.  Included are the CCHS '64 Major Class Reunions, some CCHS '64 Mini Class Reunions, and the annual Multi Class Rams Reunions.  In the meantime, we are looking forward to making new memories at our Big 5-0 and sincerely hope you will join us for our Epic Class Blast in 2014!
CCHS '64 Major Class Reunions
While there may have been more reunions than the ones we are showing below, we have only been able to find photos for the 20 year, the 25 year and the "30-something" plus a really cool document containing everyone's bio at the time of our 10 year event.  If anyone has information and/or photos from other reunions, please contact us at and we will happily post memories from those events as well.

1995 CCHS '64 "thirtysomething" Reunion
The class gathered together in (we believe) 1997 to celebrate some toned down hair and fewer hairy faces (although Steve Gartrell was sporting a mighty fine mustache and beard). The event was reasonably well attended with 20 or more classmates joining in at a bar in Bardonia (at least we think it was in Bardonia; clearly our memories are not what they once were).  Fortunately, Frank Eberling brought his camera and he has been kind enough to share his photos with us.  In the meantime, if anyone else has additional pics from this reunion, please let us know at

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1989 CCHS '64 25 Year Reunion
The class got together in 1989 to celebrate some big hair and several hairy faces. The event was well attended with over 50 classmates joining the festivities.  However, this was long before cell phone cameras became popular, so the only photo we have comes from the Steve Gartrell "Vault of Hidden CCHS Treasures".  If anyone has additional photos from this reunion, please let us know at

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1984 CCHS '64 20 Year Reunion
The class joined one another in 1984 to celebrate George Orwell and "Big Brother" while mourning the end of dicso but fortunately not the end of cool hair, bearded faces and awesome attire.  The event was well attended with over 50 classmates getting together for major reacquainting amidst food, drink and merriment.  However, the photo below, on loan from the Don McNeil "CCHS '64 Time Capsule", may be the only photographic memory of the event.  So, if anyone has additional photos from this blast from the past, please let us know at

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1974 CCHS '64 10 Year Anniversary
Fresh from the Steve Gartrell "Vault of Hidden CCHS Treasures" (actually from the bottom of a trunk in Steve's basement) come memories of our lives the first decade after graduation.  Who knew Sue Wiebicke graduated "cum laude" from Trinity College?  Who knew Pat Wissig had traveled the globe extensively after graduation?  Who knew Charlie Bletsch had toured 47 different states, spent a year in a monastery and co-edited a small underground newspaper (okay, so maybe we all saw that last one coming)?  Who knew Jim Damiani lived for a time in northern California? 

While we don't have any photos from an official reunion event (do you?), we do have a ton of bios from classmates replete with their worldly accomplishments at life's "Mile Marker 10".  To see what everyone's story was way back in 1974, click here
 (note: please excuse the aged condition of this antiquity; afterall, it is nearly 40 years old!) 

CCHS '64 Mini Class Reunions
When the entire class didn't have an official reunion, that did not stop diehard CCHS '64 alums from getting together to see old friends and renew lifelong acquaintances.  Below are several such events with as many as a dozen or more classmates attending to as few as three wild and crazy kids.

2007 New City Bash
In 2007, a bunch of folks gathered at Jim Damiani's home in New City to carouse for a weekend.  Legend has it that the neighborhood still has not recovered from the revelry and the New City Police Department continues to reel from the aftermath. Okay, so maybe not so much, but the event was well attended and everyone had a great time!  For more photos, click here then scroll down the page to "Mini 2007 CCHS '64 Reunion".

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2006 Maine Escape (a.k.a. "Two Steves and a Kate")
In the summer of 2003, three lifelong friends traveled as far east as you can go in the United States without falling into the ocean to spend a weekend together.  More people would have been invited, but there was not enough coastline left for all of them to fit!  Nonetheless, the attendees had "big" fun at this "small" reunion (in fact, the smallest reunion in the history of the class).  The welcoming committee (and the entire roster of attendees as well) pictured below from left to right are: Steve Gartrell, Kate Keleman (Beatty) and Steve Rodewald.  Left click the photo to enlarge. 

2003 Vegas Getaway (a.k.a. "The Hangover")
In 2003, several friends since grade school headed west for Boy's Weekend in "Sin City". We don't really know what happened even though we have asked many, many times, but it is rumored that the movie "The Hangover" was based on their weekend (who knew).  All the guys will say is "What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas", however, they have also said that they will finally spill the beans about it at our Epic Class Blast in 2014 replete with a photo slide show and video, so you'll just have to come to our Big 5-0 to find out! 

Pictured from left to right: Vinnie Burns, Ken Connors, Rich Leibowitz, Frank Eberling, Jim Damiaini, Charlie Pape, Ken Barkin and Rock Levinson.  Left click the photo below to enlarge.

Multi Class Rams Reunions
For the past several years, CCHS '65 has organized multi class reunions held in Congers Memorial Park during September, inviting classes ahead of and behind them for a barbeque and libations in celebration of graduation from Clarkstown High School so many years ago. Below are photos and links to photos from some of these annual events.

2012 Multi Class Rams Reunion
The multi class reunion for Clarkstown classes from 1963-1969 was held on September 29th, 2012. While only a handful of CCHS '64 classmates were there, the event was well attended by alums from several classes. In addition, many people Skyped in to follow the proceedings via internet. By all accounts, everyone once again had a great time. If you would like to view photos of the 2012 event, please click here.

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2011 Multi Class Rams Reunion
The multi class reunion for Clarkstown classes from 1963-1969 was held on September 24th, 2011. While only 5 CCHS '64 classmates were there, the event was well attended by alums from several classes. In addition, over 100 people followed the proceedings via internet.  If you would like to view photos of the 2011 event, please click here

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2009 Multi Class Rams Reunion
The multi class reunion in September, 2009, was the "unofficial/official" celebration of our 45th year since graduating from CCHS. Former classmates in the area plus a few of out-of-town guests from Tennessee, Michigan, Massachusetts, California and Pennsylvania made their appearances at Congers Memorial Park then headed off to a local pub for additional fun and libations. All in all, about a dozen and a half alums from the Class of '64 made their way to the event and everyone had a good time. For photos from the festivities, please click here and/or click here

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