50 Year Reunion, September 19-21, 2014: It Was a Blast!!!
The CCHS ’64 50 YEAR REUNION is now in the history books.  By all accounts, for both alums as well as invited guests, it was truly a great weekend.  There were over 100 attendees and the hotel had to change the ballroom assignment three times to accommodate the ever-growing number of folks who wanted to attend (apparently our reputation for throwing a great party preceded us)!  All in all, it was superb fun! 

Planning for a Reunion in 2019 Has Begun!
We had such a good time at our 50th year reunion that planning for our 55 year reunion is in its earliest stages.   If you are interested in helping out or if you have any changes to your contact information, please let Steve Gartrell know at sgartrell1@gmail.com.

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