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A high school, where a photo of a crowded hallway went viral, will start the week with virtual learning after at least nine people tested positive for Covid-19

US reports more than 1,000 daily coronavirus deaths over the last 5 days

Trump says he's open to allowing unemployed to get enhanced benefits without states paying part of the cost
President Donald Trump opened the door on Sunday to allowing some unemployed Americans to get enhanced unemployment benefits even if the states in which they live won't pay part of the costs.

What Trump's executive actions really mean
With stimulus talks stalled, President Donald Trump announced he would go around Congress to deliver aid to Americans affected by the pandemic.

Bill Gates blasts coronavirus 'testing insanity' in the US
Microsoft founder Bill Gates discusses why the US is still struggling to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Two of the main issues, he says, are a failure to shut down and a lag in testing capabilities.

Analysis: What will Trump's executive actions actually do? Everyone is confused
The good news is that President Donald Trump is aiming to help Americans hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, signing executive actions to extend expanded unemployment benefits and a moratorium on evictions.

Trump keeps pushing for a payroll tax cut. Here's what that is.
President Donald Trump has been pushing for a payroll tax cut, and he isn't waiting for Congress to enact one. On Saturday, he signed a series of executive orders, effectively going around Congress to extend expanded unemployment benefits and assist renters and homeowners.

Opinion: Trump's five revealing words
These five words may be the most un-Trumpian thing Donald Trump has ever said: "It is what it is."

The final Joe Biden VP rankings
With Joe Biden expected to formally announce his vice presidential pick this week, I'm breaking format to bring you the five women most likely to be his choice. These picks are based on conversations with knowledgeable sources, reporting and just some educated guesswork. Enjoy!

Opinion: Biden just destroyed one of Trump's biggest attack lines
Joe Biden on Saturday utterly devastated one of President Donald Trump's most repeated attack lines against the former Vice President. And the irony is Fox News helped him do it.