Do You Have Contact Info For Our Missing Classmates?
While we have located more than two thirds of our alums, there are still a sizable number of classmates who are missing.
To that end, if you would please review the list of our classmates below who still remain among the missing and please, please, please let us know if you have contact information for any of them, we would sincerely appreciate it. It will take about 1 minute to do and will be enormously helpful. Contact information for all classmates will be confidential, will never appear anywhere on this site, and will only be used to provide updates about the reunion and/or the website to fellow alums.
If you feel you need to check with someone first before you let us know, that's absolutely fine, but we want to ensure that we have accounted for every single CCHS '64 alum to let them know about the reunion if they are so interested. Importantly, if you have info for someone and they do not want to be contacted, no problem, but please let us know that as well so we don't spend hundreds of volunteer manhours looking for folks who do not want to attend. We will simply classify those people as "Found Not Interested" and they will not be contacted.
Send any and all contact info to Thanks for your help in making this reunion the best it can be!
Missing Classmates - 07/06/14: Still 54 Alums Not Yet Found  (and some we thought we had have gotten away)
Gloria  Banas
Mary-Anne Bisantz
Constance Capace (Sandberg)
Diane  Chambers  (Lowery)
Marilyn Clemensen
Karen Dratch
Constance Farmer (Brennan)
Maureen Farrell
Alan Feldman 
Vincent Fondacaro
Nancy Forsdal
Alan Friedman
Ingrid Frith
Patricia Galos
Donald Goodwin
Geralyn Green
Judy Grosso
Linda Hall
Theresa Hyatt (Ricciardi)
Keith Jones
Doris Kay
Brenda Kennedy
Craig Kidd
Colleen Kilduff (Murphy)
Judith Knapp
Wayne Knapp
Michele Lauriano
Jalah Leach
Angela Lupo
Robert MacLachlan
Mary Madden
Robert Marchant
Caryl Meyerson
Alice Mitchell
Katherine Mulligan (Bird)
Irene Pappaeliou
Robert Perrone
Carl Puma
Karol Rawson
Joseph Reuter
Ilan Schoenberger
William Scott
Linda Shapiro
Kathleen Starke
Lynn Storms (Bisantz)
John Taylor
David Tidwell
Rose Venezia
Diane  Weisberg
Joanne White
Sharon (Sheri) Wickersham
Dan  Jeff Wicks
Elaine Wolf
Bonnie Wyman (Simon)