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The bill was designed to avoid a government shutdown, which could now happen by the end of the week

Here are the impacts of a potential government shutdown

Analysis: This week will affect every American family
• LIVE UPDATES Shutdowns and defaults have become a new negotiating tactic• Analysis: This week will affect every US family

Tapper presses GOP senator on looming shutdown, debt crisis
CNN's Jake Tapper pushes Republican Sen. Pat Toomey on his party's refusal to support raising the debt ceiling, even though it's necessary to pay for trillions of dollars in debt accrued under the Trump administration.

Analysis: Biden has spent his entire life preparing for this week
If you asked President Joe Biden to sum up his life -- and political career -- in a single term, he would probably say "deal-maker."

Missed deadlines, GOP blockades and the week that makes or breaks Biden and Democrats
President Joe Biden enters the most seismic week of his legislative agenda explicitly set to miss one deadline and implicitly knowing he'll soon have to bow to a Republican blockade on another.

Move leaves Congress without a clear plan
Senate Republicans blocked a House-passed bill to suspend the debt limit and avert a government shutdown from advancing in the Senate. The move comes after Republicans had insisted that Democrats act alone to address the debt limit and leaves Congress without a clear plan to keep the government open with the threat of a potential shutdown looming by the end of the week.

R. Kelly guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking charges
• Opinion: R. Kelly's real monstrous legacy

Daily pace of new Covid-19 vaccinations is the lowest since the CDC started tracking
• Child Covid-19 cases decrease week over week but are a larger proportion of total cases • Pills to treat Covid-19 might be the way to get back to normal

Woman charged with starting California wildfire while trying to boil water
A woman who was attempting to hike to Canada is facing charges connected with the Fawn Fire, which authorities say she started while trying to boil drinking water, according to a criminal complaint from the Shasta County District Attorney's Office in California.